Holiday Driving Tips: Read Up!

It’s almost turkey day! We hope things are going great on your end.   Our dedicated staff has been busy selling lots of vehicles, and assisting customer with service on their vehicles. The blog post this month will help as you prepare for holiday travel. It is essential that your vehicle is in the best shape possible when you hit the road. 

One aspect of car maintenance that is very important centers around tires and proper inflation! One of the best moves to make is to stop at a gas station in order to check your tire pressure, along with inflating them if necessary. Under inflated tires can go a long way in reducing fuel efficiency, along with adding more wear and tear to your tires. When your wheels are properly inflated it goes a long way in making your driving experience safer.  

When is the last time that you have checked your lights? Driving at night over the holidays can be dangerous if your lights are not in the best shape. Consider getting headlight restoration or replacing your old lights with new ones. This is a very quick and affordable maintenance solution that you should seriously consider. 


We will now move on to spark plugs, and discuss their importance. Over time spark plugs get corroded and damaged. If not replaced, they can lead to drivers being stranded needlessly. Worn spark plugs also hurt fuel efficiency and decrease overall car safety. 

At Gray Daniels Nissan Brandon we pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed of pertinent automotive information. Beyond that, we have dedicated staff in place to assist with both sales and service questions or concerns as needed. If you are in need of assistance we will be glad to assist!  
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