The 2020 Nissan Leaf Plus Crosses 200 Mile Range


The Nissan Leaf exploded onto the scene in 2010 as one of the first mass production electric vehicles to hit the car market. As soon as it did, the awards started piling up from Green Car Vision Award, European Car of the Year, Car of the Year Japan, and even winning World Car of the Year in 2011. The first model Nissan Leaf claimed to reach 100 miles with a full charge, becoming one of the first highway capable electric vehicles. As range anxiety started to become a factor for many electric vehicle owners, Nissan knew that increasing the range on the Nissan Leaf was a top priority if it was to succeed in the latest market. Thus, the second generation Nissan Leaf focused on increasing range to the tune of 50%, claiming a whopping 151 miles on a single charge.


The triumph was short lived however, with Tesla gaining popularity as dealers began to sprout across the nation and EPA figures challenged the long held king of EVs, the Nissan Leaf. Nissan focused on the improvement of range and power of the Nissan Leaf, and developed an entirely new model called the Nissan Plus. The focus has been in battery technology, and an increase in both efficiency and size yields an increased range upwards of 226 miles. While range may be the first figure electric vehicle shoppers will take note of, what perhaps is even more impressive is the power increase. With a refreshed tune and a more powerful battery, the new Nissan Leaf’s figures jump from 147 horsepower to 217, and 174lb-ft of torque to 250. The 62 kilowatt-hour battery pack shadows the original Leaf’s battery pack from only 9 years ago that started at 24 kWh. With the increase in performance and range, Nissan fully expects to take back command of battery powered electric vehicles thanks to its low starting MSRP and renowned reliability ratings. Expect to see Nissan Leaf Plus trims in showrooms later this year. To view the current Nissan Leaf lineup visit our inventory here.

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